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Never Stop Learning

Mar 21,20

Our training and workshop will expand participant”s knowledge and provide a way for them to teach and lead new and experienced managers.

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Benefits Of E-Learning

Mar 18,20

Learn with us to get Success in every field of Life. Our Platform Offers no’s of Technical based Course. Don’t Waste your time Enroll any Courses of your interest and Start Learning.

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Reasons To Choose NSU

Mar 17,20

At New Success University, we provide you with quality education, learning, training and mentoring to help you develop the right set of skills that enhances your industry knowledge and allows you to excel professionally, regardless of the industry you operate in.

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What Is E-Learning?

Mar 17,20

E-learning might be your best option. We have 100s of Soft Skill and Leadership Courses that will help you succeed.

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New Success University is a product  New Success Network LLC designed by Praise Global Consulting LLC. Both companies were founded and are led by Peter Oriyomi. We are a privately owned, accredited and licensed e-learning center. At New Success University, we are  dedicated to providing the general public, entrepreneurs, private and public employees, college students, and housewives with quality online education in their desired field of choice


Our mission is to help people get certified so that they can pursue their dream career; and surge forward with the right set of skills and industry knowledge that they need to stay in-demand, competitive and relevant..

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