New Success University is a private and independent online Training platform created by Praise Global Consulting for New Success Network LLC to equip and educate NSN members and any interested member of the general public with the right skill and knowledge needed to excel in business, organization and life.

NSU offers over 150 courses and more courses are added as created by our instructors and New Success Network members worldwide.

No, courses offered by NSU do not require any accreditation because they are not meant to award credit like a degree awarding institution.  Our courses are written by world class business professionals and leaders.

Yes, students get a beautiful certificate after taking a few quizzes and completing the online course.

New Success University offers a unique opportunity to acquire new skills needed to grow in business or organization through quality courses offered.

1. Learn and acquire new skills at the most affordable rate

2. Most Flexible way to learn

3. Earn income while learning

4. Opportunity to join New Success Network for greater success

5. Improved employability and experience

Yes you can retake the quiz until you pass with at least 70%

Yes you can become an affiliate. However, you may be required to join New Success Network to be approved as an affiliate. This means not everyone can sell or promote NSU courses to earn income.

Yes, you can become an instructor by creating a course and offering it on the NSU platform once approved by admin. However, New Success Network members have a higher chance of approval and support for course creation and promotion.

Your certificate is electronically issued upon completing the course. However, some courses do not require a quiz before getting an NSU Certificate.

NSU courses are created by Praise Global Consulting Team, seasoned professionals and world class leaders like John C. Maxwell and a host of others.

No, this is not a degree or diploma that can be used for school admission. However, you can use your certificate to boost your profile and proof of your skills that are relevant in the business world.

You can use your certificate for job and career enhancement. Growing number of employers are accepting NSU graduates for jobs. Your certificate is a good proof that you have acquired and completed training on NSU course(s).

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New Success University is a product  New Success Network LLC designed by Praise Global Consulting LLC. Both companies were founded and are led by Peter Oriyomi. We are a privately owned, accredited and licensed e-learning center. At New Success University, we are  dedicated to providing the general public, entrepreneurs, private and public employees, college students, and housewives with quality online education in their desired field of choice


Our mission is to help people get certified so that they can pursue their dream career; and surge forward with the right set of skills and industry knowledge that they need to stay in-demand, competitive and relevant..

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